Ad Agency Models Need To Change

A recent article discussed the fading ad agency model. This article was on massive ad agencies that span the globe, but I started thinking even regional marketing companies have to change too. Old school ad agencies (even digital ones) usually make a portion of their revenue by simply marking up your ad spend by a percentage.

No alt text provided for this imageThis worked for quite a while, but providing real value and not “ad buys” is the future of relevant agencies.

The value of a marketing agency can easily be over or undersold. Your image and video ads need to be seen on websites and inside mobile phone apps and digital marketing agencies go to different places to buy ad space on your behalf. One way this is oversold is by the agency taking only the role of simply going and buying placement for your ads. The reports they provide talk simply of the number of impressions your ads collected. But really, who cares if your ads were shown to a random person in another city/state/country you don’t even offer service to? Or worse, ad impression reporting doesn’t tell you the ad was loaded somewhere on the page, but never scrolled down and viewed by the web page visitor!

In closing, Transparency is key when working with a good digital marketing partner. Click here to leave your ideas in the Facebook comments section— I’d love to hear them.

About Vitality Marketing Firm:

We build marketing & system automation to remove the manual and repetitive tasks. Businesses benefit from automation by freeing staff to work on things that no computer can solve. Marketing automation also allows our clients to communicate with their customers at a simple level without needed to involve a human until they are ready to buy.

  • Automation Examples

    • Collecting Customer Contact Information
    • Contacting Customers Who Have Not Visited Your Business Lately
    • Connecting Your Point Of Sale to Your Email System
    • Sending Postcards to Neighbors of Your Current Customer
    • Tracking Customer Buying Habits And Showing Relevant Ads At Just The Right Time
    • and more…

Author: Jason Pulliam

Jason Pulliam is an avid researcher of technology and marketing. He enjoys figuring out ways to automate tasks and increase the personalization of the customer’s online journey. When Jason isn‘t pushing all the buttons to see what they do, he’s a nutty husband to his wife, Jada, and proud father for his two daughters. Jason enjoys all cold things, in every sense of the word, and you might find him working inside a fridge if that were possible.