What Is The Busiest Fast Food Hamburger Restaurant in Bryan / College Station?

Historically, the busiest fast food restaurants in College Station are located directly across from Texas A&M University. Recently, Whataburger opened January 2018 on Wellborn Rd, close to Jones Crossing and NOT directly across from the university. They have one of the largest Whataburger parking lots too, so their data must have told them to expect high foot traffic also. Below is what we found for the top fast food burger restaurants for March 2019.

What does the data say?

The Wellborn Road Whataburger had more foot traffic than any other in Bryan / College Station for March 2019.

What does that mean for Bryan / College Station? At first, this looks like another indicating signal that the restaurant business for College Station is shifting deeper into to the Wellborn Road 77845 area. It’s easy to see how this could be taking place, the large number of residential and apartment living spaces combined with easy access up and down Wellborn road’s six-lane street.

Top 16 College Station Fast Food Hamburger Restaurants March 2019

Top Areas Where Customers Live

Whataburger Wellborn Rd foot traffic March 2019 Zip codes
chart showing the % of overall visitors is still the highest in 77840, not 77845

Income of Customers

Whataburger Wellborn Rd foot traffic March 2019 income of customers
this chart shows the % of visitors and their income level. The distribution is typical of heavy college student customers.

Closing Point:

South College Station is growing, but the Wellborn Whataburger happens to fit a precise locational need of its customer base in 77840, and this largely contributes to a high volume of foot traffic. (here are fast and non-fast food lower foot traffic hamburger restaurants )


April 11th – Thanks ‘Max6’ for the note of duplicate Sonic, that has been fixed. We are also compiling data for non-fast hamburger restaurants like Koppe Bridge locations as well as Mr. Hamburger.

‘australopithecus robustus’ – noted missing Dominik Dr. Whataburger location

For this report, we tracked the following B/CS chains: Whataburger, McDonald’s, Sonic, Burger King, Freddy’s, and Jack in the Box.

Not in this report, but data exist for Dairy Queen