How-To Get Noticed & Become The Delivery / Takeout Option Your Customers Want

Listening to top restaurant owners at the Chamber of Commerce revealed just how fast and hard hitting the impacts of the Coronavirus have overcome restaurants. Now that dining rooms are all closed, here is your path forward. Your ablilty to directly communicate is now more critical than ever. With a direct line via email and SMS your customers, you can make real-time adjustments in the coming days, weeks, and months during this uncertain time. 

IF you have a Facebook Messenger VIP program in place, choose a new offer that is in line with your latest store menu. Reduce or eliminate your 3rd party discounts like Hooked that don’t share any customer data with you. It would be best if you now control all communications with your customers.


  • QR code poster for the door so people who don’t know dining is closed can order online / curbside / delivery and even wait if they want. List your phone number if not already listed clearly on the door. 
  • Highlight meals that can be easily saved shared.
  • Many POS systems have built-in online order portals; if you are not a traditional delivery restaurant, be sure to check to see if your POS already has it.
  • Provide reheating instructions to encourage buying more that will last for a few days. Even something as straightforward as pizza having reheating instructions is a visual reminder that your food has value beyond a single meal. 
  • Create Images & Videos of your Window / Curbside / Delivery service. Be sure to get your brand in the shot, with a branded employee shirt or logo on the building in the background.


  • Create a program that the community can purchase meals on behalf of a retirement home resident or another underserved local community segment.
  • Create a program that partners with a local sports team and encourages kids to read in exchange for earning a free ____. 

Message Your Customers:

Facebook: Use your collection of emails / SMS numbers to build a target audience on Facebook to show what your business is doing during these changing times. Engaging your current audience is going to be easier than trying to reach people who have never tried your restaurant.

Email: Keep your customers informed, share what you are offering AND what possible things that could help them like resources for their children or how they can support the elderly. 

Do’s and Don’t Of Communication with customers


  • Feature your staff in videos/photos as it reminds patrons who they are supporting
  • Be transparent that you are working to help your team AND feed customers
  • Show the value of your food by talking about how many it feeds
  • Continue to run a weekly contest, give away something from your new pickup menu to ONE lucky winner
  • Collect email / SMS numbers from all contest you run


  • Only focus on how you think the community needs to support you the business brand

Advanced Marketing Plan

How To Setup Advertising Sequence:

Level 1 Ads: If you’re not known for having curbside or delivery, show video clips of people pulling up to your restaurant and calling for you to bring out their order. 

Level 2 Ads: Anyone who watches or interacts with the ads has an interest in your curbside/pickup/delivery offers. Stop showing them the Level 1 Ads, and start showing your food that is specialized for pickup/delivery. Time to shine; it’s your food, show it plated as customers are familiar seeing, and then show the same food in a delivery container or family-style box. They will make the connection it’s excellent food in delivery packaging or new family-style sizes.

Results: Sales from showing your ads only to people who are genuinely interested in your food and the new methods in which it can be acquired. 

Closing Point:

In closing, we can make it through this, but we must focus on the customer now more than ever. Sensing what your customer is dealing with daily is critical to your ongoing existence. 

About Vitality Marketing Firm:

We build marketing & system automation to remove the manual and repetitive tasks. Businesses benefit from automation by freeing staff to work on things that no computer can solve. Marketing automation also allows our clients to communicate with their customers at a simple level without needed to involve a human until they are ready to buy.

  • Automation Examples

    • Collecting Customer Contact Information
    • Contacting Customers Who Have Not Visited Your Business Lately
    • Connecting Your Point Of Sale to Your Email System
    • Sending Postcards to Neighbors of Your Current Customer
    • Tracking Customer Buying Habits And Showing Relevant Ads At Just The Right Time
    • and more…

Author: Jason Pulliam

Jason Pulliam is an avid researcher of technology and marketing. He enjoys figuring out ways to automate tasks and increase the personalization of the customer’s online journey. When Jason isn‘t pushing all the buttons to see what they do, he’s a nutty husband to his wife, Jada, and proud father for his two daughters. Jason enjoys all cold things, in every sense of the word, and you might find him working inside a fridge if that were possible.