Learn how MAD Taco took $26 in Facebook ads and made it into $1700 in online sales

Rapid Deployment Marketing @ MAD Taco

In recent months what many have realized is being able to shift their resources around has been essential. We are currently in a period where ‘time is of the essence’ has meant everything. However, marketing has historically never been ‘agile.’

Even with just a few decision-makers in the mix, marketing plans could take months to get signed off, and adding new landing pages would need to go through rounds of approval.

On top of the pressures listed above, time was being diverted to answering common customer questions on Facebook.

MAD Taco restaurant didn’t have time to wait to get their new menus out, start selling to-go margaritas or develop an in-depth social media ad campaign. Instead, they were being asked daily questions like “is your dining room open” or “do you offer online or curbside orders.” The type of questions people asks when they are ready to buy unless you impede them.

In addition to a long term plan, the immediate plan was to update their website with a helpful Facebook Messenger chatbot that helped people in real-time find the answers they were looking for instantly. The second part of the rapid deployment plan was to get their message in front of their current fans who already favored their food. The rapid deployment marketing helps focus the restaurant labor on the core business while increasing customer engagement.

Watch the video below to learn how we quickly took $26 in Facebook ads and made it into $1700 in online sales.

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Closing Point:

In closing, your business can pivot quickly with a focus on attracting current customers and answering their questions in real-time.

About Vitality Marketing Firm:

We build marketing & system automation to remove the manual and repetitive tasks. Businesses benefit from automation by freeing staff to work on things that no computer can solve. Marketing automation also allows our clients to communicate with their customers at a simple level without needed to involve a human until they are ready to buy.

  • Automation Examples

    • Collecting Customer Contact Information
    • Contacting Customers Who Have Not Visited Your Business Lately
    • Connecting Your Point Of Sale to Your Email System
    • Sending Postcards to Neighbors of Your Current Customer
    • Tracking Customer Buying Habits And Showing Relevant Ads At Just The Right Time
    • and more…

Author: Jason Pulliam

Jason Pulliam is an avid researcher of technology and marketing. He enjoys figuring out ways to automate tasks and increase the personalization of the customer’s online journey. When Jason isn‘t pushing all the buttons to see what they do, he’s a nutty husband to his wife, Jada, and proud father for his two daughters. Jason enjoys all cold things, in every sense of the word, and you might find him working inside a fridge if that were possible.