Harvey Washbangers Gets Marketing Updates & Facelift

Washbangers Marketing

Harvey Washbangers had a pressing problem– their brand was long in the tooth, needed marketing automation to drive sales, and a fast way to continually keep their website updated due to ever-changing COVID-19 related safety and regulation changes. If you haven’t heard of them, Harvey Washbangers is a restaurant and full laundry service business combined. Let’s dig into the new Harvey Washbangers website — washbangers.com. 

Although, website design is not our main company focus, most of our marketing clients have needs that require a fluid webpage or two that can be part of the bigger picture of marketing. 

Find out how we did it below.

What Is Harvey Washbangers?

entertaining video of the Harvey Washbangers GM, Micahel Lair

Business Needs of the Website:

1. A mobile-friendly website

2. Ease of connecting marketing automation tools

3. Straightforward editing for the business owner to keep website information up to date due to frequent updates caused by COVID19

4. Rapid development to keep customers informed

5. A website that wasn’t $10,000+ to build

Previous Website Homepage

What we built:

 Cost & Speed Efficient: With the client focused on the value and speed of getting a new site, we chose to go with a WordPress based site running Elementor as the development theme. Both software applications are industry proven out of the box solutions with no upfront or monthly cost. While a custom coded website offers more design flexibility, the customer needs are why using WordPress and Elementor was a great fit. 

 Washbangers did have a great design firm to develop their new brand identity and passed that along to us. We love their new brand. This website costs under $5k and fits the client’s budget and needs.

Automation: With the new WordPress, we can easily integrate a plugin and have a connection to Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so many other marketing tools.  

Easily Edited: With the client’s previous Weebly website, the changes were clunky, cluttered, and lead to poor integration and tracking of marketing goals. Our new website design allows updates to be incorporated flawlessly and cleanly to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

New Website Homepage

End Result: Harvey Washbangers can now quickly communicate changes to their menu, their hours, and other essential operational items that are continuously in flux due to COVID-19 effects. They also have a visually pleasing mobile-friendly website with the latest marketing automation tools, that all came under the typical website cost and lead time. 

About Vitality Marketing Firm:

We build marketing & system automation to remove the manual and repetitive tasks. Businesses benefit from automation by freeing staff to work on things that no computer can solve. Marketing automation also allows our clients to communicate with their customers at a simple level without needed to involve a human until they are ready to buy.

  • Automation Examples

    • Collecting Customer Contact Information
    • Contacting Customers Who Have Not Visited Your Business Lately
    • Connecting Your Point Of Sale to Your Email System
    • Sending Postcards to Neighbors of Your Current Customer
    • Tracking Customer Buying Habits And Showing Relevant Ads At Just The Right Time
    • and more…

Author: Jason Pulliam

Jason Pulliam is an avid researcher of technology and marketing. He enjoys figuring out ways to automate tasks and increase the personalization of the customer’s online journey. When Jason isn‘t pushing all the buttons to see what they do, he’s a nutty husband to his wife, Jada, and proud father for his two daughters. Jason enjoys all cold things, in every sense of the word, and you might find him working inside a fridge if that were possible.