Tired of getting your Facebook Ads blocked?

Facebook Ads can be difficult!

Having spent 2020 with a few client ad accounts that were repeatedly flagged I had to dig in and learn why all the fuss over at Facebook! It turns out they have turned up the sensitivity of their artificial intelligence for detecting prohibited ad content. However…that means lots of ads get swept up into their AI that are perfectly fine and incorrectly flagged.

There so many reasons your ads can be flagged that I will focus only on the ad creative and not on the numerous other reasons like not having the proper disclaimers in the footer and other red flags. Ad creative is the least clear flagged item as Facebook only feedback on their reason for flagging your ad is “description not compliant”.

To save you time, I’ve summarized what you should know and created a pdf guide.

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The pdf guide is a great way to get into the mindset of Facebook’s compliance AI.

However, clever ad copywriters like Ad Zombies have proven you can use all the ‘banned’ words and get your ad approved IF you know how to.

If you have an ad that is flagged for the content, use the guide to look for terms that you might be using and eliminate them. Facebook updates its AI in real-time so new words could be added or removed at any time.

Below is a great article on common reasons why Facebook ads accounts are suspended and how Facebook’s tools can help you better monitor your account’s status. Topics discussed include:

  • repeatedly violating community guidelines on your Facebook page and how it will result in a low page quality score.
  • Sharing misleading content like fake news or inciting antisocial behavior can make your page look like a troublemaker.

Facebook will see the above as a red flag and may suspend your account if the pattern continues. Inside the article, they also cover actionable steps that you can check your ads’ quality score.

End Result: Use this guide to help you quickly think like Facebook’s AI.

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Author: Jason Pulliam

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